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Cherry Wiild Exfoliating Mask

5 Reasons to add Cherry Wiild Exfoliant to your Skincare Routine

cherry wild exfoliating mask Our Cherry Wiild Exfoliating mask has earned five-star status with our customers for its glowing skin benefits. With its delectable dose of wild cherries, sweet cherries and fresh cherry pulp, this gentle exfoliating mask can be used across the spectrum of skin concerns, including aging, dark spots and acne. This superfruit treatment is not only going viral for its amazing scent but for how equally delicious it is for your skin.

5 Reasons to add Cherry Wiild Exfoliant to your Skincare Routine

Chemical Exfoliation

Cherry Wiild exfoliating mask offers a gentle chemical exfoliation, using a combination of alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic acid, and lactic acid, to gently remove dead skin cells, refine texture and reduce imperfection along with acne-clearing beta hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, to smooth and brighten.  Formulated with a superfruit enzyme complex of wild cherries, papaya and pineapple which gently lifts out impurities and conditions skin.

Regular use of Cherry Wiild helps improve the appearance of acne scarring, enlarged pores and sun damage.

Skin is glowing.

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Loaded with Essential Nutrients

Not only stimulating the senses, Cherry Wiild is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, probiotics, polyphenols, minerals and lipid enzymes. So, what does this all mean? This nutrition powerhouse is ideal for aging skin, offering a robust defense against premature aging, dehydration and environmental aggressors. Adding this multi-tasking, anti-aging treatment to your skincare routine can improve skin’s moisture barrier, prevent hyperpigmentation, fade scarring and texture issues, while softening the visible signs of aging.

Skin is radiant.

Naturally Scented

Cherry WiiLD – Glycolic Acid Treatment
Cherry WiiLD – Glycolic Acid Treatment

Aside from its brightening capabilities, Cherry Wiild Exfoliant has a refreshingly delicious fragrance that is all natural. Infused with sweet cherry puree, it contains no artificial ingredients or fragrance and is great for sensitive skin.

Skin is happy.

Skin Booster

Did you know cherries contain melatonin? Melatonin has the ability to accelerate skin regeneration and has been shown to improve the clinical signs of skin aging [], promote skin wound healing [,,], and to treat many skin pathologies such as atopic dermatitis [,,,], seborrheic dermatitis [], and vitiligo [,]. (1)

Because of its antioxidant properties, can help skin’s natural defenses to help neutralize free radicals and avoid cellular damage.

Skin is plumper. 


This dual-action mask is extremely beneficial for those with dry skin with its balance of moisturization and revitalization as it gently exfoliates. Give skin that next-level glow in one simple step.

Skin is youthful.

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(1) Protective Effects of Melatonin on the Skin: Future Perspectives. Iryna Rusanova et al. National Library of Medicine.