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“The power of Natural Sensory Skincare is the not only innovative anti-aging, it’s a holistic, multi-sensorial ritualistic experience.” 

– Michelle, CEO & Creator

“Before I started EI SKIN, it felt like I had every skin issue imaginable: cystic acne, rosacea, dehydrated skin and dullness. It was a lot to deal with.”

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We Love What We Do

“Named after my beautiful Mom, who I lost to cancer, EI SKIN embodies everything I feel is true to being my authentic self. The foundation of EI SKIN is to encourage everyone to embrace their uniqueness & authentic beauty.”

“Although skincare is a crowded space, I couldn’t find products that were truly pure and able to stand up to impeccable standards of efficacy. The natural products I tried (I tried a lot) did not provide more than superficial moisture and I didn’t enjoy using them. Taking time for yourself should be pleasant and rewarding. Superior anti-aging products should not be at the expense of your health.”


Personal Journey

Michelle has struggled with hormonal acne, rosacea and dark pigmentation for most of her adult life and sought out to learn more about how to properly treat and heal these chronic skin conditions. She studied skincare for over 15 years, inspired by the power of natural anti-bacterial actives, plant-based phenols & anti-aging botanicals.

Empowering Women through Skincare & Self Care

EI SKIN’s mission is to create clean, effective and cruelty-free skincare that empowers everyone. 

The intention of supporting strong women to feel their best and most confident, authentic selves.

Sustainable & Sensory Beauty

More research and scientific evidence is showing that using natural, plant-based actives help prevent environmental & inflammatory imbalances, and nourish skin microbiome while significantly benefiting emotions and overall health.

Michelle’s goal was to fill a void in the natural skincare industry without compromising complexity and excellence.  Taking care of skin should be a self-care ritual that is indulgent and lavish, free of chemicals, cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

EI SKIN has captured some of nature’s most juicy, fresh, and fun aromas that spoil your senses. Addictive scents, rich botanicals and plant-based ingredients deeply nourish skin’s barrier to regenerate and promote cell renewal, for a youthful, healthy glow.

Leading-Edge Green Chemistry

Michelle holds a health degree, Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine certifications, and an advanced cosmetics certification. She works with world-class chemists, facialists and physicians to create EI SKIN’s custom formulas to improve skin health.

EI SKIN’s research and development laboratories have state-of-the art facilities, designing formulas that restore skin suppleness, support collagen health and treat visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation.

Plant-Based Beautiful

This is real life. Skin isn’t always perfect but with the right products, you can properly balance your complexion & deliver superior nutrients without congesting it with garbage ingredients and toxins. Who doesn’t want to look, feel and be the most beautiful they can be?

Made in Canada

Authentic AF