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Our Values Underpin Our
Company Culture

Authenticity & Integrity

We value authenticity as a business. We’re dedicated to formulating the highest quality skincare that’s rigorously tested with deep integrity to deliver optimal results for consumers.


Don’t be trashy! ELLA i SKiN is dedicated to luxurious sustainability. Family owned business that understands the importance of the protection & preservation of our earth. Committed to environmental sustainability for a healthier planet and a healthier you.

Growth & Creativity

We are on the journey of exploration, dedicated to the research & development of innovative skincare and proprietary formulas to help consumers embrace their individual beauty.

Love & Kindness

Power is in the connection of love and kindness. We share our heart with organic, cruelty-free skin care products, conscious packaging with transparency about our story, ingredients and products.


We are putting naturally-sourced skin care first without compromising efficacy. ELLA i SKiN delivers next-level antiaging results without sacrificing health or nature.

Heart and soul dedication to providing high quality products with powerful yet pure ingredients. We are building long-term relationships and passionate about helping you achieve your skincare goals.  

Full disclosure on all labels. xo

Our Story

Inspired by Our Past, Present & Future

ELLA i SKiN was created out of a passion for skin health and commitment to wellness and sustainable beauty. Using the latest scientific research and technologies, ELLA i SKiN is a creation of luxurious organic formulations that delivers cosmeceutical level results without the harsh chemicals.  

“Named after my beautiful Mom, who I lost to cancer, ELLA i SKiN embodies everything I feel is true to being my authentic self. The foundation of ELLA i SKiN is to embrace your uniqueness & authentic beauty by helping your skin look & feel its best. Beautiful, healthy skin illuminates our wellbeing and confidence. Show the world who you are and don’t apologize for it!”- Michelle, Founder & Creator

Michelle’s goal was to fill a void in the organic skincare industry. It is important to look closely at what we put on our precious skin. Skincare is a serious business and long are the days of relying on conventional beauty products heavily filled with artificial and toxic compounds. However, many plant-based skincare are not delivering results beyond superficial moisture.

The combination of losing her Mom to cancer and a health degree Michelle developed a keen interest in skincare, specifically scientifically proven-to-work ingredients and how each impacted skin health. Michelle quit her corporate job and launched the company from scratch, working closely with laboratories and microbiologists to create meaningful change in skin health and the beauty industry. Ultimate Beauty Confidence.

A New Label Was Born

ELLA i SKiN diversifies the world of clean beauty. This is real life. Skin isn’t always perfect but with the right products, you can properly balance your complexion & deliver superior nutrients without congesting it with synthetic ingredients and toxins. 

ELLA i SKiN’s research and development laboratories have state-of-the art facilities with world-class chemists and physicians; creating ELLA i SKiN’s custom formulas that nurture our authentic beauty and natural glow of health.

Are You Ready?

Get ready for compliments on your skin!


We trust in the intense power of clean beauty as everything we put on our skin becomes part of us.

USDA Organic Certified, cruelty free, free of preservatives, parabens, synthetic colourants, GMOs and perfumes. Scientifically validated concentrations of peptides, antioxidants, plant extracts, and vitamins.


Photo by Jens Lindner on Unsplash

Want to Know More?

Learn the why we are organic and earth friendly in our skincare products and our everyday lives.

Organic Skincare Company in Ontario Canada

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