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Beauty Confidence

What is Beauty Confidence?

It’s what we specialize in.

We are our most beautiful selves when we are in our most healthy state. There is a direct correlation between how we feel about ourselves and our attractiveness with how confident we feel. It affects our behaviour and social dynamics.

More and more we are compromising our uniqueness to conform to what we believe others want us to look like or be like. WHY??? 

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Your individuality is what makes you amazing. Your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful. Being authentic sets you apart from everyone else. How incredibly powerful and freeing to embrace your true authentic self. We are here to remind you to love yourself and the skin you’re in. Believing in yourself fires your true power.

Skincare plays an important part in that. Healthy skin is the foundation of beauty. Taking steps to nurture your natural glowing skin is so confident building.

Fall in love with looking after your skin and looking after you! You will exude beauty confidence! xo


As women, we are consistently putting others’ needs before our own. Women are natural nurturers and consistently put family, career and societal expectations before our own needs. This can take a toll on our mental and physical health.

Putting yourself first and wanting to look a certain way is not indulgent or selfish. This archaic perspective is done and dusted!

Taking care of ‘you’ first doesn’t affect others’ happiness or mean you value others less. Self-care is respecting yourself and having control over your own domain! It shouldn’t just be encouraged; it should be a necessity for all women!

When it comes to self-care, making informed choices about your skincare is empowering. We hope you read the labels and don’t fall victim to big marketing scams. ELLA i SKiN wants to inspire all women to embrace your individual beauty and freedom of expression. Nothing makes your more beautiful than feeling confident in yourself to take on the world! Empower your badass self!

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