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Why Organic?


It’s simple, really. Certified organic skincare is formulated with superior ingredients to nourish and protect skin.

Superior Products
Equals Superior Results

Organic skincare should be a priority. Quality is worth searching for.

It is scary to think what harmful effects could develop from all of the chemicals in some products. Disease and sickness is on the rise and there is growing evidence that it is connected to chemical exposure & absorption of products. Toxins in products can build over time to create sensitivities and even illness.

What we put on our skin is eventually absorbed in our body. Why would we want “fake” ingredients, strong perfumes, and chemicals in our bodies? Why would we think that these chemicals are going to improve our skin?  It makes sense that natural products can naturally work better for our skin. Better for our ultimate health! The positive effects and results of natural ingredients are ENDLESS!

Words From Our Customers

These are amazing products, my skin has noticeably improved and I have received compliments. I highly recommend Ella i SKiN products.

– Traci A

I am 75 year old male and have had problems with dry scalp for years. I have been using prescription medication with very little positive results. One day I borrowed my wife’s Daily Fix and saw immediate results. I now have my own and use it daily.

– Tony M

I use ELLA i SKiN Miracle Plumper, HA Quench and A-Elixir in combination every morning and always get told how radiant my skin looks!!! Highly recommend!

– Nicola R.

USDA Certification

When it comes to ‘clean’ beauty, USDA (US Department of Agriculture) is the gold standard. The USDA has strictest regulations that meet the NOP (USDA’s National Organic Program) standards. USDA ensures that certified products have been scrutinized to meet the most rigorous laws and regulations. This pertains to the actual ingredients and how they are processed. To be certified by USDA, the product must contain 95% – 100% organically produced ingredients. In addition, the remaining ingredients must be on their strict list of allowable substances. 

Did you know that products can claim to be “organic” and “natural” but still contain toxic chemicals? If they aren’t certified there are many unknowns. Scary, don’t you think? 

Certified organic basically translates to safe products.

Healthy Skin, Happy You

Earth friendly, organic skincare products.

Organic Skincare Company in Ontario Canada

Free Shipping on all orders in Canada. Free shipping on USA orders over $100. Free Shipping on International orders over $200. All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD).

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