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Advanced Natural Sensory Skincare

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Naturally pure, sensory skincare that promotes skin barrier health.
    • Scientifically advanced & clinically tested
    • High-performing bioactives & raw ingredients sustainably sourced from organic farms across Canada
    • Never tested on animals & cruelty free
    • No parabens, synthetic colors or dyes, no toxins
    • Organic & natural ingredients 

      • Immerse yourself in an exquisite wellness ritual with exotic botanical formulations, transformative textures and naturally-stimulating scents composed with organic essential oils or extracts. 
      • EI SKIN is the product of rigorous research and development laboratories with state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to skin health innovation. 
      • Canadian-based chemists, facialists and physicians creating, scrutinizing and reshaping skincare formulations.
      • Clinical grade ingredients such as advanced peptides, phyto-growth factors, glycolic acid, lactic and salicylic acid, plant encapsulated retinol, DMAE, and plant stem cells.
      • Emphasis on DNA repair, hydration and anti-inflammation while protecting skin from premature aging, deterioration and damage, all without unethical standards.

      • There are no simple, easy solutions in skincare packaging and sustainability. We are constantly working to make better decisions.
      • We do not use any skincare boxes to eliminate single-use cardboard.
      • Recyclable Packaging
      • Biodegradable shipping foam completely degrades in water = zero waste. 
      • Earth-hugger and eco-friendly shipping packaging: made with 100% recyclable content, biodegradable and 20% post-consumer waste.
      • No harmful chemicals are used during production.
    • Authentic af
      • EI SKIN is only sold through authorized skincare professional partners and at
      • Our skincare products are not sold on any third-party platforms.
      • Our physicians and chemists formulate the best in class and clinically-vetted skincare for longterm skin health. 
    natural and cruelty free skincare
    organic skincare
    Natural Actives are a Big Deal

    Organic + Natural

    Organically & naturally sourced ingredients.  No parabens, artificial fillers, synthetic dyes or colours, or any other toxic compounds. We adhere to the strictest regulations for highest standards of quality and purity. 

    organic skincare lab
    Delivering the Goods

    Enhanced Delivery Systems

    Our advanced delivery technology changes how formulations are delivered to skin, making them dramatically more effective.

    lactic acid serum
    Packaging-Free for the Environment

    Toss the Box!

    We do not use any skincare boxes, which eliminates unnecessary single-use cardboard.  

    Eco-friendly & Beautiful entwined creates a magical EI SKIN unboxing experience. We use earth hugger eco-friendly shipping packaging made from sustainable materials. Tissue paper is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and 20% post-consumer waste. Biodegradable shipping foam completely degrades in water = zero waste. 

    Learn More at our FAQs.

    Authentic AF

    Empowering Your Badass Self

    Made in Canada

    EI SKIN is proudly Canadian! Our skincare ingredients are naturally sourced and manufactured around Canada.

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    ei SKiN CANADA

    ELLA i SKiN INC. All rights reserved. 

    Advanced Natural Skincare made in Canada.