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All-natural skincare routine for your body: Healthy skin head to toe.

All-natural skincare routine for your body: Healthy skin head to toeAlright, so you’ve got your skincare routine down! But what about the rest of your body? Did you know having a good skincare routine for your body is important to keep skin below the neck glowing and healthy while functioning and looking its best? Having a few simple steps to nurture your body can help prevent dermalogical issues, flakiness and yep, wrinkles. Although soap-water-rinse does get the job done, it robs skin of all of the potential anti-aging and skin-nourishing benefits. We’ve put together an all-natural skincare routine for your body that is basic, easy and assured to leave skin soft, hydrated and supple. Healthy skin head to toe!

All-Natural Skincare Routine for your Body

Although your body is often left to fend for itself while your face gets all of the attention, we have created a hygienic and healthy skincare routine for your body that you didn’t know you needed but will love, love, love.

Body Wash

Peppermint Sage Body washJust as it’s important to wash away pollutants, sunscreen and makeup off your face, the same goes for the skin on your body. There is risk of clogged pores, dryness or buildup of products (self-tanners, SPF, etc) that degrade skin on your body over time.

Peppermint Sage Body Wash – OUT OF STOCK. Peppermint, sage, cucumber and green tea infusion harmonize skin’s natural pH while nourishing skin, leaving it hydrated and youthfully soft.

Using a pH-balanced, gentle body wash will help remove environmental debris while restoring your skin’s natural oils. Body cleansers should put moisture back in your skin. It can also prep skin so your exfoliation product can work its magic!


If you want to step up your body routine, a gentle resurfacing treatment is the answer. Exfoliating skin helps boost circulation, encourages lymphatic draining and speeds up cell turnover.

Pick your poison:

Jamocha Coffee Body Scrub. OUT OF STOCK. Stimulate circulation with this gentle sugar-based body scrub that delivers a coffee essence blend and pure natural brown cane sugar to target unwanted cellulite.

Tuscan Honey Body Scrub. OUT OF STOCK. Take a sensory journey with this Tuscan botanical infusion of circulating-enhancing herbs, salicylic acid, healing honey and citrus fruits.

After cleansing, apply a scoop of body scrub to skin. Avoid vigorously scrubbing to avoid damaging skin. You do not need to harshly rub for the even most fine exfoliator to work properly.


When fresh out of the shower, applying a hydrator to damp skin will help lock in moisture. Applying within 2 or 3 minutes will create a physical barrier to prevent transepidermal water loss.

Restore Body Lotion. OUT OF STOCK. Lightweight, restoring hydrator that is perfect for summer weather. Non-greasy formula that does not clog pores and can be worn easily under clothing.

Svelte. OUT OF STOCKWarming, silky concentrate formulated with natural plant cells of Cinnamon bark & Ginger, this stimulating concentrate boosts collagen and stimulates fatty cell breakdown to tone & soften skin.


All-natural skincare routine for your body: Healthy skin head to toe.

Quick Body Skincare Tips

  • Use lukewarm water. Taking hot showers can leave skin dry and damaged because it strips away skin’s natural oils and can cause irritation and inflammation.
  • If you suffer from back acne, wash body after you are done washing hair to avoid product buildup on your back.
  • Avoid fragrance, SLS, and other toxic chemicals.
  • Pat yourself dry, do not harshly rub at skin with your towel to avoid irritation and to leave skin damp for moisturizer application.
  • Try to take 5 – 15 minute showers. Not only does this conserve energy, it can save your skin from drying out!

Happy Showering!