Signs of spring? Tulips are peaking through the soil, birds are singing their morning tunes. Is spring fin-ally here?? It seems to be long overdue. Spring is such a magical time. New beginnings…

ELLA i SkiN is all about new beginnings and embracing the journey that lies ahead.

ELLA i SKiN is my new beginning. Named after my beautiful mom, who I lost to cancer over 10 years ago, it embodies everything I feel is true to being my authentic self.

I did not take care of skin in my younger years so it’s ironic that this is where I’ve ended up – creating an organic skincare line in my 40s. After years of damage and distress, I noticed my skin becoming tougher, taking longer to heal after an acne breakout, and dark spots were forming EVERY-WHERE on my face. I have been through hell and back with my skin. My skin endured many different chemical formula peels, harsh exfoliations, and professional medical machines. I had the “no pain no gain” philosophy. My face has peeled, broke out, bled, darkened, etc. Not a pretty picture when I think back. Yikes. 

When I first ditched the chemical solutions, I had my doubts about using “natural” products. I tried many different brands and they just didn’t really do much for my skin. So back to the drawing board! The more research I did the more I realized natural IS better for your health (seems obvious doesn’t it?), but we need to be using a combination of appropriate natural ingredients combined with medical type ingredients for results. It took time but my skin turned around. Nope, I am no expert – not even close! Just a gal who was obsessed with improving her skin who made skincare in her kitchen.

Welcome to My Life Book. This is my first ever blog post. I hope this page will be an interactive, fun journey to talk about health, beauty, and of course skincare!



Michelle xo