Why should we be adding serums to our skincare routine?

Why should we be adding serums to our skincare routine?

What IS the big deal with serums anyway?

Long gone are the days of using one moisturizer as our daily skincare routine. Our regimens and desire for beautiful skin have evolved and serums are now stealing the limelight. Science is proving over and over how serums are providing miracle results and adding many benefits on our skin.

As Alle Connell from Stylecaster so eloquently put it, “We’re serious; adding serums to our skincare routine has made the biggest difference to the way our faces look and feel.”* 

Serums can work more effectively because they are pure and free from fillers, thickeners, and other sealing agents that moisturizers can have. Moisturizers are designed to lock in moisture and provide protection.

Serums provide a high concentration of potent ingredients to deliver active and powerful ingredients into the deepest layers of our skin. Serums can target specific skin concerns, like wrinkles, dark spots, and inflammation. Investing in good quality serums is an important way to see radical changes in your skin.

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*Alle Connell