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A waterless Facial Cleanser? Well this is cool!

There is certainly no shortage of skincare exfoliants on the market. Different types, textures, scrubs and peels. But what about dry cleansers? They are innovative, preservative-free and full of antiaging benefits!

Trick is to add water. That’s it!

WTF is a dry cleanser?

A dry cleanser is, well, cleansing your face dry. Adding a little water, some organic juice or your favourite cleanser will transform this mini-granular powder into a luxurious paste that gently removes excess dirt and oil, accelerates the removal of dead skin cells and pollutants from pores, leaving skin silky smooth.

gritty paste face exfoliationOpening a whole new world to exfoliation

Historically, the beauty industry has offered a vast array of exfoliating face scrubs for any skincare routine. Dry Cleansers (ultra-fine powder cleansers) have been a popular way to exfoliate skin for centuries in Korea and Japan. The western world is also starting to catch on to these facials-in-a-bottle, replacing harsh scrubs and microdermabrasion. Dry cleansers are not only dermatologist recommended but can provide some serious benefits to skin health.

Antiaging Benefits

Cleanse, nourish, and exfoliate skin all in one!

Dry cleansers can be a game changer when added to your skincare regime. They are formulated to gently exfoliate skin without stripping away skin’s moisture. It can quickly but gently transform a dull complexion by slouthing off dead skin cells and removing impurities to reveal glowing, luminous skin. Skin looks and feels smooth, radiant, even-toned, refined and youthful.

**The texture of dry cleansers is perfect for all skin types, even those who have sensitive skin and rosacea.**

Abrasive Scrubs might be damaging your skin

Using abrasive ingredients, such as microbeads (tiny plastic beads), sugar and ground-up walnuts on facial skin have shown to be far too harsh. Research has shown they may create longterm negative damage on skin health when used to exfoliate skin.

What about DIY sugar scrubs? Sugar. Coffee. Salt. These readily-available ingredients might be cheap and easy to use but the rough nature of their textures can cause tiny tears in skin.

When you scratch your skin, you are potentially damaging healthy skin cells underneath, which accelerates the aging process, causing wrinkles, acne and possibly infection. There has been a lot of controversy (and lawsuits!) over whether or not some of these harsh ingredients create micro-tears in skin, causing vulnerability to environmental and sun damage.

face scrubCanada has taken the penultimate step in removing microbeads from store shelves. The ban, which took effect on July 1, prohibits the manufacture, import and sale of most toiletry products that contain microbeads.- CTV News

Is my Exfoliant too harsh?

Take the test! Try using the exfoliant on the back of your hand before using on your face. If it feels scratchy at all, it might mean it is too harsh and could cause tiny abrasions on your skin.

ELLA i SKiN Product Suggestions: ORANGE A’PEEL & KELP MY SKIN.

Each Dry Cleanser feature professional-grade, 100% organic, active-packed formula.

Gentle enough for all skin types.

Benefits of a Dry Cleanser/Powder Exfoliant

1. Extremely gentle

Coarse, mini-granular powder can deliver a deep clean for soft, velvety facial skin in minutes! Remove impurities without the worry of scratching skin.

ORANGE A’PEEL Dry Cleanser 100% organic

*Remember, powder exfoliants are much gentler but you still must pay attention to how your skin reacts and not overdo it.

As with most things, use facial scrubs in moderation. Nowadays dermatologists warn about the effects of over-exfoliation, and this is true of any facial scrub. -EW

2.   Skin is primed for other skincare products

Exfoliated skin can improve the effectiveness and absorption of other topical skincare products, such as serums and moisturizers.

3. Gently unclog pores

When skin is exfoliated on a regular basis, it keeps pores free from oil build-up and dead skin cells that can clog pores and cause blemishes. 

4. Contains less preservatives 

Dry cleansers contain less preservatives. This helps the ingredients remain active and reduce the chance of mold growth.

KELP MY SKIN Dry Cleanser 100% organic

5. Bacteria Free

No water means not so no breeding ground for bacteria or mold.

6. You Control the Cleanse

Add water or organic juices. You can also add it to your favourite cream cleanser. Less or more water can change up the consistency of your scrub, depending on how you’re feeling that day.

Take them to go; an easy travel companion!

How to use Dry Cleansers

  1. Put a small amount of the exfoliating powder in the palm of your hand.
  2. Add a small amount of water or organic juice to the powder.
  3. Begin rubbing your hand to create a gritty paste.
  4. Lightly massage face in circular motions, taking care and avoiding the eye area.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  6. Glowing, luminous skin revealed!

Pro Tip: upward circular motions can promote lymphatic drainage.

What about Cream Cleansers? Let us Introduce You.

person with glowing skin











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