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Face Washing… Favourite Skincare Habit

My fave skincare habit is by far is face washing. Sounds silly and actually rather boring, right?


Taking off make up before you go to bed at night is super important! My 18-year-old daughter will tell you that this is something I constantly nag her about and something I never forget to do myself.

Why is it so important to remove make up before heading to bed?

So much yucky debris can build up on your skin on top of your make up over the course of the day, such as dirt and grime from pollutants in the air. These pollutants cause healthy collagen to break down, which can result is wrinkles and fine lines. Who wants premature aging? No thanks!

Skin can become dull and dry, along with clogged pores which can cause breakouts. This is especially true if your make up contains any oil or silicone. Leaving eye makeup on can cause bacteria to build up, resulting in inflammation, eye infections, or bumps (ie. styes).

Sweet Dreams… but only with a clean face!

Pillow cases are a breeding ground for bacteria! Think about lying down on that dirty pillow case full of grime and makeup from days prior. Yuck! I suppose you could change your pillowcase every night… but for the time it takes to do that… I say just wash your face!

wash face skincare habitRegeneration of skin cells.

At night, our skin undergoes a regenerative cycle of shedding and cycling of skin cells. By going to bed without washing your face, the makeup can impede the natural exfoliation process. By washing your face, your skincare products will be more effective throughout the night. Applying serums and a moisturizer at night after washing your face is the best way to soften your face.

I get it… you’re exhausted. Forgetting to occasionally remove makeup is not going to make or break the quality of your skin. It’s a good idea, however, to try to get in the habit of washing your face every night. Whether it becomes part of your bedtime routine after brushing your teeth or right after you get home from work. Worst case scenario – leave some facial wipes on your bedside table to grab before crashing for the night!

Face washing is easy and feels so refreshing!

Make sure to use warm water and to rinse your face fully. Make sure you don’t “over-wash” or ‘over-scrub’ as this, too, can be detrimental to your skin by compromising the function of your skin’s protective barrier. Always be gentle with your skin.

Healthy and luminous skin begins with proper cleansing. Find a routine and products that work best for you and stick with it.

“Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.”

Happy Face Washing!