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EI SKIN is true phyto-advanced skincare that believes in the power of innovative science and nature-activated ingredients.

An innovative holistic approach to skin health with cutting-edge treatments that help create and maintain resilient, beautiful skin, regardless of age, ethnicity and condition.

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Fear-Free Peels

Many associate a peel with downtime, extreme redness and hiding away for 7-10 days, envisioning the scary scenes of SATC Samantha Jones’ peel experience.

Take a breath. Let us explain why you shouldn’t fear our peels and how adding them to your skincare regime has the power to transform your skin.


What is a Peel?

A peel acts by temporarily reducing the pH of the skin, which helps loosen the bonds between dead skin cells, allowing them to slough off and reveal healthier skin underneath.

The process promotes stimulation of new skin cell growth and exfoliates a controlled amount of damaged skin from skin’s surface, improving pore size appearance, brightness, tone and texture.

What are the Benefits?

Dermatologists suggest regular peels for treating fine lines and wrinkles, lifting unwanted acne scarring, discoloration, dark spots and resurfacing skin. They are designed to improve skin quality and texture.

Benefits of adding peels to your antiaging skincare regime:

  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Minimize pore size appearance
  • Improve tone and texture
  • Remove dark spots and pigment
  • Reduce sun damage
  • Minimize acne scarring
  • Improved tightness and smoothness
  • Overall radiance
What are the Different Types of Peels?

Chemical peels use a variety of acids to exfoliate dead skin cells, such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid or fruit acids.

Enzyme peels are derived from naturally active fruit enzymes, such as papaya, pineapple, and pumpkin. Although potent and effective at exfoliating dead skin cells, they are not as abrasive as acids.

Not all peels are created equal and can be challenging if you are not knowledgeable about your skin type. Certain ingredients may be more effective for anti-aging while others are geared towards treating dark pigment. If you are unsure about what peel ingredients are best for you, make sure to chat with a trusted aesthetician or contact us. 

Superficial vs. Deep Peels

A superficial chemical peel penetrates only the epidermis. Deep chemical peel is a surgical procedure that penetrates and exfoliates skin cells at a deeper level.

Deep peels are more intense, not for at-home use and are best left to the professionals. Deep peels require more downtime and have a higher risk for hyperpigmentation, infections, scarring and herpes virus flare-ups.

We offer a variety of peel strengths, but all of our peels are strictly superficial and safe for at-home use.

Peels without Peeling – Are they Effective?

Rest assured, your peel is still working just because you are not peeling!

The success of a peel is not always related to the amount of visually flaking. Redness and dryness after a peel is common, however our superficial peels do not generally cause flakiness or peeling. You will still see improvement in overall skin brightness, texture, tone, dark spots and scarring without visible peeling.

* Typically, the more regular you exfoliate in general/skin tolerance, the less irritation, peeling or redness you can expect to experience from a peel.


Are Superficial peels safe?

While the term ‘chemical’ might seem scary, generally our superficial chemical peels are not aggressive and can be safely used by all skin types. 

Treatment Expectations

It is important to have realistic expectations before starting a series of peel treatments. If you have years of accumulated damage to skin, a single peel isn’t going to give you brand new skin. However, it will provide effective rejuvenation; tightening, brightening and improved overall skin quality.

It will require a series of consistent peels for overall improvement of extensive skin damage. Most customers require 4-6 peels, spaced according to skin tolerance, to achieve desired results. 

Once desired results are achieved, it is also recommended to use superficial peels on a regular basis for maintenance.

*Those with acneic, significant textural and pigment issues may take more time.

Ingredients to Use Post-Peel

It is important to take care of your skin after your peel. Just as important as your facial peel ingredients are the post-post ingredients. 

For the first 24 hours, avoid products that contain AHAs, BHAs, exfoliating ingredients, retinol, or L-Ascorbic Acid.

Use a quality, gentle cleanser and a good moisturizer.

Laser & Skin Procedure Supporting Products

Two exclusive skincare products specifically designed to protect, enhance and repair skin prior to and following cosmetic treatments, including peels.

Rescue Absolute (coming soon)

High strength Arnica + ultra calming botanical serum that promotes healing and strengthening, for youthful glowing skin.

Radiance Rx. (coming soon)

Hexapeptide moisturizer formulated to calm skin after cosmetic treatments, supporting skin’s natural ability to regenerate and produce collagen.

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