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How To Choose the Best Facial Cleanser for Your Skin Type

How To Choose the Best Facial Cleanser for Your Skin Type

How To Choose the Best Facial Cleanser for Your Skin TypeAfter a long day, there is nothing more satisfying than washing away all of the dirt, oil and impurities that have accumulated over the hours. Cleansing is the pivotal step in any great skin care routine for achieving healthy, radiant skin. The secret lies in choosing the best facial cleanser for your skin type. It should be natural, chemical-free and cruelty-free (for the love of animals, of course). It can be overwhelming trying to choose a natural facial cleanser that actually works, especially if you are new to the non-toxic skincare world. We are here to help you on your face washing journey and deciding on what product is right for your skin type.

EI SKIN facial cleansers are safe formulations designed to gently balance skin’s pH without stripping it of natural, beneficial oils. Hydrating blends of active, plant-based ingredients deliver essential vitamins and nutrients, catering to various skin types.

*One bottle lasts a long time and a little goes a long way.

Why Use a Facial Cleanser

Expertly formulated facial cleansers eliminate bacteria, debris, excess oil and dead skin cells from skin’s surface and create a fresh canvas for your skincare products that follow. They can help soothe, calm and hydrate skin without irritating skin.

Washing your face is good for your health

Peppermint Sea – Algae & Sea Mineral Cream Cleanser
Peppermint Sea – Algae & Sea Mineral Cream Cleanser

Yep! Not only is it essential for healthy skin but did you know that your face-washing routine is actually good for your brain? It increases blood circulation in your face and helps stimulate brain activity, which promotes mental clarity and energy levels, improved mood, mindset and cognitive function.

“The skin-brain axis provides a direct communication pathway between the two, allowing for enhanced cognitive function, stress reduction, improved mood, and increased alertness.”(1)

How To Choose the Best Facial Cleanser for Your Skin Type

The best skincare facial cleanser for you should be targeted to your skin type and current condition of skin, which can often change with weather, hormones and diet. For example, most skin types have likely been simultaneously sensitive at one point or another and it can be difficult to find a cleanser that doesn’t create more redness and irritation.

Many of our cleansers work well for most skin types but were formulated with particular skin types in mind.

Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Gentle JuJu – Calm Sensitive Skin Cream Cleanser

How to Choose the Best Facial Cleanser for your Skin TypeEven the most sensitive types can reveal their most radiant self with Gentle JuJu. This lush, fragrance-free cream cleanser is an emollient-rich blend of hydrating ingredients and nourishing botanicals that cater to even the most sensitive skin. Great option for very dry skin, rosacea, easily-reactive skin.

Gentle JuJu Key ingredients: Sunflower seed, grapeseed, cucumber, carrot root & Shea butter.

Cleansing Tip: Sensitive skin requires a barrier-restoring cleanser that provides repair, hydration and protection. Look for cleansers that contain unnecessary fragrance or chemicals that damage skin proteins and lipids, resulting in dry, tight skin and adverse reactions.

I DEW – Sweet Sugar Antiaging Cleansing Crème

Our top selling cleanser offers a silky-smooth cleanse with its creamy infusion of skin-loving tropical butters and nourishing botanicals. Gently yet effectively cleans skin as it delivers deep moisture and nutrients to skin.

I DEW Key Ingredients: Beta Carotene, Carrot Root, Spinach Leaf, Calendula

Cleansing Tip: Avoid cleansers made with sulfates/SLS and avoid overwashing/over scrubbing skin.

Facial Cleanser for Acne-Prone and Oily Skin

Sayonara – Clarifying + Purifying Cleanser

Enjoy the light citrus-bergmot scent as this plant-based acne cleanser decongests and purifies pores. Skin-clearing ingredients help keep skin clear of excess oil, blemishes and blackheads without drying out skin.

Sayonara Key Ingredients: Green Tea, Nettle, Grapefruit, Alcohol-free Witch Hazel

* The newest cleansing member of our family, Blush, is also a great option for oily skin. (more info in next section)

Cleansing Tip: Stripping skin of your oils can exacerbate skin conditions, like acne and oiliness.

Facial Cleanser for Damaged, Stressed and Mature Skin

Blush – AHA + BHA FruitBurst Exfoliating Cleanser

Exotic fruit cleanser expertly blended with glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid to offer skin a superior antiaging cleanse. Provides antioxidant protection with gentle exfoliation while keeping skin fresh and clear.

Blush Key Ingredients: AHA + BHA blend, Papaya, Tangerine, Melon

Acai Fusion – AOX Moisturizing Cleanser Crème

Vitamin C milk cleanser is the perfect antioxidant age-defying blend. Acai extracts help increase firmness and suppleness of skin, will

Antiaging Acai Berry

brightening and smoothing.  Infused with antiaging botanicals, cranberry and raspberry, to offer a sweet berry scent while repairing skin and protecting from oxidative damage.

Acai Fusion Key Ingredients: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Acai Berry

Facial Cleanser for Normal Skin

Peppermint Sea – Algae & Sea Mineral Cream Cleanser

Enjoy this too-cool-for-school cleanser with its invigorating fusion of peppermint and sea minerals that instantly revitalizes dull skin. It gently detoxifies and removes impurities while restoring skin’s vitality.

Peppermint Sea Key Ingredients:  Kelp, Algae, Vitamin C, Peppermint

Cleansing Tip: Cleanse your face twice daily, plus after sweating.

Sublime – Cool Lime Gel Cleanser

Well-tolerated by most skin types but perfect for daily maintenance, our dreamy lime cleanser offers skin a hydrating and delightful cleanse as it delivers antioxidants, antiaging and skin-supporting ingredients.

Sublime Key Ingredients: Lime Citrus, Willowbark, Green Tea, Arnica

Words of Caution

  • Avoid excessively scrubbing or over washing face.
  • Do not wash face with dirty hands.
  • Do not use hot water.
  • Do not over-cleanse your face.
  • Don’t go to bed without washing your face… please.

How to choose the best facial cleanser for your skin type


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