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seabuckthorn berries


seabuckthornSeabuckthorn oil is truly a favourite ingredient here at ELLA i SKiN and you can be sure to find it in many of our products! Known in the skincare world for its antiaging superpowers, this multitasking ingredient has so many healing and rejuvenating benefits for skin. No wonder celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Gwenyth Paltrow are getting on the seabuckthorn train!

This all-in-one ingredient is truly unique.

Dehydrated skin? Check.

Acne? Check.

Rosacea? Check.

Inflammation? Aging skin? Check and… check!

What is Seabuckthorn Oil?

Seabuckthorn oil (Hippophae Rhamnoides Extract) is extracted from berries, seeds and leaves of a shurb that grows mainly in high altitudes of the northwest Himalayan region. It is remarkably hardy and can survive very cold temperatures and tolerant of a variety of conditions.

Seabuckthorn has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda to treat skin wounds, revitalize skin and treat illnesses like digestion and coughs.

Seabuckthorn (hippophae rhamnoides; sea buckthorn, sea-buckthorn) dates back several centuries. The berry itself has been recorded as a food source that Genghis Khan used to keep his army healthy and horses prepared for battle. In fact, the literal translation of the name is shiny horse or bushes that make horses shine. (1)

Antioxidant Rich

Modern scientists continue to extensively research this orange-hued oil and it is commonly used today in the skincare and cosmetics industry.  Whether used as a cleanser, serum, moisturizer or facial oil, this antioxidant can make significant changes to any skin type.

Sea buckthorn oil is revered for the incredible benefits it offers for the skin. “It’s rich in antioxidants and nutrients that promote skin hydration, elasticity, cell regeneration, and even help treat and prevent acne,” explains Michele Green, M.D., a Manhattan-based board-certified dermatologist. “Sea buckthorn oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce swelling and redness associated with many skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.” (2)

Seabuckthorn Oil Benefits

Pure seabuckthorn is a highly sought-after ingredient due to its ample benefits for skin. It is packed full of Vitamins A, B1, B6, C, E, K and other actives and essential fatty acids: inoleic, linolenic acid, and palmitoleic.

“It’s rich in many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and is referred to as a super fruit of skin care,” board-certified dermatologist Corey L. Hartman, M.D., founder of Skin Wellness Dermatology in Birmingham, AL. (3)

Benefits We Love:

  • Combat dry skin
  • Reduce dark pigment and age spots
  • Calm and soothe skin
  • Protect and treat wrinkles
  • Help repair scarring
  • Boost collagen production
  • Repair sun damage
  • Help skin retain moisture
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Treat burns and wounds
  • Moisturize and regenerate skin cells
  • Heal acne
  • Restore skin elasticity
  • Protect skin from UV ray damage
  • Strengthen skin’s barrier
  • Gives skin a healthy glow
  • Nourish skin tissues

Be careful!

Finding a pure source of seabuckthorn oil isn’t as easy as one might think! Although it grows in cool climates across Europe and Asia, there has been an increasing demand for it. If companies lack the knowledge or cut corners, they could be using bad quality oil – sometimes unknowingly.

Seabuckthorn oil is a very pricey ingredient because it takes a large quantity of seabuckthorn berries to yield only a small quantity of oil. Much of the products on the market claiming to contain seabuckthorn oil often do not contain pure seabuckthorn oil or only contains a small amount, which will likely not produce favourable results for skin.

Too Good to Be True?

If you find an inexpensive bottle of seabuckthorn oil, it is likely diluted or counterfeit oil.

What to Look For

  • Official seals and organic labelling
  • USDA Organic Certification
  • Competitive pricing

This berry is a good source of vitamin C as well as various B vitamins, vitamin E, lycopene, phytosterols, and numerous phenolic compounds that provide antioxidant benefit. A unique aspect of this fruit extract is its ability to help stabilize elements in skin that would normally break down in the presence of peroxide and other types of free radicals. – Paula’s Choice

Products with Seabuckthorn

May We Suggest…

Daily Fix – Seabuckthorn Youth Serum

Rescue problematic skin. Sea-buckthorn has anti-inflammatory properties perfect for sensitive skin.  Reduces redness associated with skin conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, bacterial acne, sunburns and frost bite. Nourishes irritated skin and repair cell damage for youthful clarity.

Soft, nutty scent.


Kranberry Kiss – C0Q10 Radiance Repair

This luxurious moisturizer stimulates cell turnover and boosts collagen synthesis. Enjoy powerful antiaging benefits, including dramatic firming effects and a reduction in sagging facial and neck skin without the invasive procedures. High antioxidant content provides ultimate protection and strengthening of skin cell structure to encourage vibrant, nourished skin.

Light cranberry scent.

Eye Rescue – Intensive Eye Complex

Savour for Sensitive Skin. Temperamental and easily irritated skin will reap the moisturizing and barrier repairing benefits of this eye complex. Ideal for dry, dehydrated, sensitive or crepey skin to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Eye Sea – Seaweed Hydrogel

Instant Boost of Hydration. Active eye treatment quickly absorbs into skin for plumping nourishment, visibly minimizing dark circles and puffiness. Delivers potent vitamins, minerals, active antioxidants and detoxifying agents with moisture binding properties to tone and relax the delicate under-eye area.


Drench – Citrus Restorative Hydrating Complex

Prevent Transepidermal Water Loss. DRENCH contains a remarkable antiaging complex for intense hydration and nourishment for maturing skin. Infuses skin with intense moisture deep in the skin’s surface.



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