Named after my beautiful mom, who I lost to cancer over 10 years ago, ELLA i SKiN embodies everything I feel is true to being my authentic self.

The foundation of ELLA i SKiN is to embrace all beautiful authentic women everywhere. 

Hello Beautiful! Thank you for visiting ELLA i SKiN. I'm Michelle, the Founder of ELLA i SKiN.

I have been formulating my own skincare products at home in my kitchen for nearly a decade. My husband used to tease me about “working in my lab.” What began as an attempt to treat my own skin problems has developed into something amazing! I am so happy to share these products with others who also really want results without the chemical additives. My journey to beautiful skin has been a long one and I am still evolving.  

Our skin care journey is ever-changing. 

Everyone is beautiful & unique in your own way. Regardless of where you are in your journey, it is important to embrace it. 

It took me a while to get here. I wouldn’t know me ten years ago! I was NOT good to my skin in my 20s or 30s. When I lost my beautiful Mom to cancer in 2007, I slowly began to make some life choices.

A degree Health opened my eyes to the chemicals that are in our food, products, and environment. Even products we are simply putting on our skin can easily be absorbed by our bodies. I was shocked to realize that many of the products around the house were full of chemicals. The same products that were using the term “natural.”

How was I supposed to repair my damaged skin without damage to my health?

I tried many plant-based skincare products but they didn't produce results. I became very keen to learn and began researching what ingredients have proved effective through scientific research. I wasn't interested in fancy perfumes or chemical additives. I wanted luxurious skin but without the chemicals!

It took me ten years of researching, experimenting and perfecting beautifying concoctions to find what worked. Using pure and potent ingredients was providing amazing results and I was receiving compliments on my skin - something I never got before. I was understanding the concept of keeping it simple. Products work better when they aren't full of fillers and perfumes. After much trial and error, ELLA i SKiN was born. From my kitchen… to your home. 

By nourishing my skin with natural and appropriate nutrients, it was able to mend and protect itself. ELLA i SKiN products consist of revolutionary ingredients found in nature that provide optimal anti-aging benefits. These are paired with medical-like ingredients that are imperative to repair, protect, and nourish skin. ELLA i SKiN makes skin look and feel youthful and glowy - so you look amazing for your age!

 I am very hands-on and dedicated to not losing touch with the evolvement of creativity and knowledge in the skin care industry. New discoveries are around every corner! 

It has been a long process. I have worked with manufacturers to optimize potency into cost-effective products. I am not a doctor or a chemist! I believe that in order to maintain glowing skin, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle to maximize ELLA i product results. And honestly… it does take time and diligence. Our skin is our biggest organ – it’s worth a few minutes a day to preserve, don’t you think?

The love and support has been overwhelming and I am so blessed. Thank you all! I am super excited about the positive feedback and results that you are all seeing. Your results are solidifying that ELLA i SKiN is NOT just any other skincare product. 

Please message me and the ELLA i team with any questions. I love receiving feedback and ideas as I continue to work on more products!

Michelle xo

CEO & Founder

ELLA i SKiN Inc.