Earth Friendly

All ELLA i SKiN products are both made and manufactured in Canada. All ELLA i SKiN labels are printed on recycled printing paper. 

The packaging industry has a huge energy footprint and we want to help reduce that! Packaging is required to protect your products during shipping. However, we want to minimize the impact to our environment and we continue to analyze some critical factors when packaging our products.

Although they are pretty, ELLA i SKIN does not use outer boxes for any products to leave as light of a footprint as possible.  

ELLA i SKIN packaging is made from PET plastic, which takes the least energy to recycle and is 100% recyclable. Plastic was selected over glass as  the potency and fragility of ingredients in glass jars tend to break down and deteriorate.  Glass also leaves a bigger carbon footprint.

We are still researching other ways to package for future, such as a vegetarian packaging.

Being earth friendly and using biodegradable recycled products is very important to us.


Animal Friendly

No ELLA i SKIN products are tested on animals and no palm oil or derivatives are used.

Palm oil is a vegetable oil commonly found in cosmetics and products and provides huge profits for large companies. The palm oil industry continues to disrupt animal habitats by claiming their land for palm oil plantations. It has claimed forest life and human communities, along with endangering animal species.