At ELLA i SKiN, we are not trying to make your skincare routine difficult.

Sometimes, however, we need to use a few different products to achieve optimal results. YOU do what works for YOU! 

Where do I start? What do I use? When do I use each product?

New to this? Want to start simple? Start with just a day cream (Canadian Maple) and a more emollient cream for nighttime repair (Beauty Sleep).

Feeling more adventurous? Add a serum or two and see how they strengthen your moisturizers! 



At ELLA i SKiN, we strongly believe that we require a combination of products to optimize skincare benefits. It’s amazing to hear how more people are becoming more savvy with their skincare routines and layering skincare products.

Visit our Serums vs. Moisturizers to learn more about the benefits of each.


CLEANSE. Always apply products to a clean, damp face! Cleansing with Kelp My Skin Cleanser gently exfoliates skin and sloughs off dead cells. This can help other products penetrate deeper.

SERUMS. You can apply serums directly to skin after cleansing. You can apply a serum and wait a few minutes for it to absorb, then apply the next serum. Don’t worry about one serum being completely dry before putting the next one on! 

MOISTURIZERStep 3 is applying a moisturizer. Moisturizers are generally creamy with a thicker consistency, which helps create a barrier on top of skin to lock everything in, helping products work more effectively. Lock in that moisture!


You can choose to use some serums before your day moisturizer and then other serums under your night time moisturizer. 


Embrace YOUR beautiful!
Do what works for YOU!

*Always do a patch test before using any product on your face.