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Practicing Self Love for Your Badass Self SELF

Welcome to March’s Badass Beauty Blog (BBBlog) post and self love kick! The clocks have sprung ahead and there is increased anticipation for rising temperatures and rays of sun. Looking forward to days of driving with windows down, music up and jacket open. Spring is a “feel-good” season. Hence the “feel-good” BBBlog.

Spring cleaning the negative energy! This spring let’s be thankful for the beauty around us as well as within us. Self Love that is. Having confidence and compassion for ourselves and our mental health.

Practicing self love isn’t always easy, especially when you feel like the world is telling you different. But you are a badass. You are the most important person to your universe. Your thoughts direct how you interpret words and relationships. You have the power to see things one way or another. How you perceive yourself and your life can define your reality and shape the way you live each day.

You are you for a reason. No one understands you and your life’s journey better than yourself. Own it and don’t apologize for it.

Here are ten tips to practice love for your badass self. Just in case you need a nudge.

  1. Try to be in the now… now.

Being present in the moment can sometimes be difficult in today’s hustle and bustle lifestyle. We often become victims of time, fantasizing about the next vacation or day off work. Our minds are often mulling about through to-do lists, dwelling on past events, or fearing for the future. Buddhists nicknamed these our “monkey minds”, like monkeys swinging from tree to tree. Too many of these thoughts are not constructive, causing only worry & doubt.

Pay attention. If your mind starts to wander force your direction back to now. Focus on touches, tastes and smells. What do you see and how do you feel? If unconstructive thoughts linger, write them down to get them out of your head. Try to relish and appreciate every moment… from savoring dessert, sipping hot tea or walking down the street. Be positively present. Stop. Smile. Breathe.


  1. Find your happy place.

Think of your happy place. This doesn’t need to be some pristine beach in exotic Fiji (although that would be nice!). Think on a more realistic & smaller scale. Try having a spot where you can just be and embrace the world around you. My space is my backyard. Sipping a coffee or glass of wine, swinging in a chair watching the dogs chase each other around the grass. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a spot where you can embrace the world around you and be present.


  1. Clean your closet.

Does stepping into a cluttered messy space stress you out like it does me? Some might say I am odd because I love organized spaces. I am constantly reorganizing and reinventing my wardrobe. Tidying up can be very therapeutic. Spring is an ideal time to go through your closet. Get rid of an item that might remind you of a negative time in your life. If you haven’t worn something in a few seasons you probably won’t miss it. Donate clothes to friends or a local church or shelter. Having a clean space can cleanse your mind. Research has shown that it is good for your health and leads to lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.


  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. Not friends, not people on social media, not anyone.

Nothing is more important than putting yourself on the top of your to-do list. Comparing yourself to others is a killer of self love. Being authentic to yourself can be difficult sometimes; physically, emotionally and mentally. There are so many daily pressures and expectations. Now more than ever with social media so prominent in daily life.

Build your own unique path. Try not to feel like you need to be in line with what your friends are doing. Do not get caught up in social media personalities. A picture is not real life. Post, likes, and comments do not validate you. Everyone has bad days.


  1. Surround yourself with positive people who feed your soul.

When you are around happy people you see the world differently. Laughing is a great way to connect with others and get to know each other. Life is hard, we all can agree with that. Being positive can be difficult sometimes but associating with people who are always negative is detrimental to your soul. Research has shown that negativity is contagious and harmful to our wellbeing. It can weaken our immune system, making us more prone to illness.

See ya later Negative Nancy! Luckily, being positive is also contagious. Try to build friendships with genuine, good people who lift you up. And return the favour. Be happy for others. Their accomplishments don’t take away from yours. Let’s support each other.


  1. Self care for self love.

Good self care is taking measures to maintain good mental, physical, social, spiritual, psychological and emotional health to safeguard your well-being. When you make the active choice to practice good self care you will love yourself more. Do what makes you feel good about yourself through healthy activities. Meet your basic needs with good nutrition, exercise, intimacy, sleeping well, and social interactions. Mark your calendar to make sure you do something for you every week and try to infuse self care into your daily routine, even if it’s a 5 minute quiet breather alone.


  1. Volunteer.

Some of the most precious moments can come from volunteer projects. Focusing on someone other than yourself can give you a healthy sense of perspective. It is also a great opportunity to surround yourself with others who share the same interests and values. Helping others & making a difference can really boost your self-esteem and give you a sense of purpose.


  1. Travel.

Travel is one of life’s best teachers and can fundamentally change you. You can learn about yourself while immersing yourself in a new culture or environment. Opening door after door to discover something new behind each one provides opportunity for endless learning & self discovery. Travelling is also a great way to get you out your everyday routine and comfort zone.


  1. Wear the Outfit.

You know the one. It’s that cute outfit has been hanging in the closet waiting for the perfect occasion. What are you waiting for? Wear the heels because it’s sunny out. Wear the red lipstick because it’s Tuesday. Wear a bright yellow top on a day you feel the worst about yourself. A cute outfit can completely turn your day from ‘meh’ to ‘miraculous’!

In a style rut? Get that haircut or hair colour you have been craving. Spice up your makeup look. Coordinate some outfits that you might not usually try. Take it to the next level by adding some inexpensive accessories to work into your wardrobe. Pair it with a chic scarf or cute pair of booties. Need inspiration? Social media is at your fingertips. Style up some looks you find on Instagram. Dress your body lovingly and what you feel flattering in. Amp up the ‘gorge’ for your bad ass!


10. Take a nap.

Now put your phone down and go have a siesta. Respect and honour your body with productive self love: REST.

No explanation required. Zzzzzz.