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EI SKIN GG Advance Plant Stem Cell Moisturizer

Product Spotlight: GG Advance – Probiotic + Plant Stem Cell Defense Crème

Product Spotlight: GG Advance textureToday’s moisturizer spotlight includes our popular GG Advance. Designed to moisturize and firm, this microbiome-friendly and natural product uses innovative technology and cutting-edge ingredients to support skin structure while simultaneously working to nourish and protect skin. GG Advance delivers a powerful combination of antioxidants and defensive ingredients that work together for superior skin health. In order to understand how this works so effectively, we need to delve into the science and how some of its top ingredients, phloretin, kombucha and plant stem cells, work on skin.

We don’t want you to settle for a basic moisturizer

Fine lines, wrinkles and environmental damage are some unfortunate visual signs of skin aging, which are generally the effects of chronological aging and external factors. Skin also becomes slack, drier and less elastic. The body also naturally makes less collagen as skin ages.

“After the age of 20, a person produces about 1 percent less collagen in the skin each year. As a result, the skin becomes thinner and more fragile with age.” (1)

Why Do we Love GG Advance?

GG Advance is a technologically advanced moisturizer suitable for most skin types and contains no sulphates, dyes or parabens. It replenishes moisture, strengthens the skin barrier and firms skin without irritation. With regular use, you will see improvement with the appearance of discoloration and skin tone. Bound with a comprehensive formula of proage ingredients scientifically proven to address multiple signs of aging, such as peptides, ferulic acid and resveratrol, along with some of the most effective antiaging ingredients.

Here is a list of our three favourites that make GG Advance a customer favourite.


Naturally derived from root bark of apple trees, this potent antioxidant and skin lightener puts up a big fight against aging skin, delivering advanced skin repairing benefits and protection from environmental aggressors. In fact, some studies have shown its ability to enhance the penetration of other ingredients into deeper layers of the skin, which can boost anti-aging results of the product. Phloretin is comparable to other skin lighteners, like arbutin and ionic acid. It works hard to reduce stubborn hyperpigmentation, doing this by interrupting melanin production.

Benefits of Phloretin

  • Skin lightening
  • It reduces aging effects and repairs damage
  • Antioxidant rich
  • Helps improve the penetration of other ingredients
  • Antimicrobial, helping to reduce acne
  • Prevent skin from future fatigue and stress
  • Improves skin tone and texture


kombuchaIf you’ve walked down a supermarket aisle lately, you’ve likely noticed the different kombucha drinks on the shelves. Kombucha has been gaining a lot of hype over the past few years but it is certainly not new to Asia and Europe. Originating in China, it dates back to 220 BC, and made for its healing properties. We are not suggesting rubbing the drink on your face but knowing how it plays a role in your skincare sure has been intriguing researchers and skin enthusiasts alike.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha (pronounced Kom-Boo-Cha) is a fermented drink, made from tea (usually black or green), which combines yeast and bacteria cultures, to form SCOPY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast), a thick, cloudy film that lays on top.

Benefits of Kombucha

Due to the fermenting process, which sometimes includes a double fermentation, kombucha contains natural probiotics, antioxidants, organic acids and vitamins B + C, which offer a multitude of serious anti-aging benefits.

  • Support balanced skin microbiome
  • Help reduce and heal acne
  • Fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Address premature aging
  • Luminous glow

Plant Stem Cells

Plant stem cells are one of the most exciting breakthroughs in recent skincare studies, showing outstanding anti-aging properties, specifically how they influence collagen production and skin regeneration. They are rich in growth factors, which stimulate new cells and repair damage, and antioxidants, which contribute to youthful, healthy skin and collagen production.

“Plant stem cells may be ranked among the most important cells for human well-being.”(6)

Stem cells are responsible for skin cell turnover and can develop and divide for self-renewal.

Benefits of Plant Stem Cells

Plant stem cells have unique properties that offer a multitude of anti-aging benefits for skin:

  • Promote repair of injured or dysfunctional skin cells
  • Remarkable ability to self-repair and self-renew
  • Prevent skin aging processes
  • Wound and scarring repair
  • Jumpstart skin repair and cell growth
  • Collagen synthesis
  • Improved skin tone and texture
  • Skin plumping
  • Antibacterial and anti-psoriatic properties

Plant stems are generally cultivated in a laboratory so there is no ethical or legal issues and no concern for environmental interference.

GG Advance Plant Stem Cells

GG Advance contains Gardenia Stems GX™, a stem cell extract that stimulates collagen synthesis, protects from free radicals and provides wrinkle smoothing and firming. Gotu Kola is a stem extract that targets aging skin by improving skin elasticity, treating acne and healing scarring.

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