Advanced Anti-aging Skin Routine


A rich treatment routine for damaged & aging skin.

Visible signs of aging can appear in the form of wrinkles, sun spots, overly dry skin, dermal atrophy, and loss of radiance and elasticity.

Advanced formulated solutions include ingredients beneficial in anti-aging and cellular regeneration, including retinol, peptides, alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), fruit enzymes, vitamin C and growth factors.

This 7-piece targeted skincare routine helps reverse the multiple visible signs of premature aging, enhance removal of DNA damagerestore healthy complexion and promote skin longevity naturally.

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Advanced Anti-aging Skin Routine targets the multiple signs of aging to correct repeated DNA damage that has occurred over a lifetime of cellular distress, while providing antioxidant protection to help prevent further damage.

Skin is an ever-changing, complicated microbial ecosystem composed of complex biological processes that change over time and with long-term exposure to damaging environmental elements. Skin exhibits physical manifestations of DNA damage; it becomes thinner, textured, and no longer looks as plump and thick as it once did. It is important to nourish skin at the cellular level and provide DNA Repair.

*Routine not recommended for ultra-sensitive skin

Advanced Anti-aging Skin Routine – 7-piece set:

  • Regenerating Cleanser | Acai Fusion
  • Anti-aging Mist | Pansy
  • Serum Cocktail with key anti-aging ingredients | BIO Illumina | Nectar
    • Growth Factors
    • Antioxidants
    • Hyaluronic Acid
    • Peptides
    • Vitamin E
  • AHA Exfoliation Mask Treatment | Pumpkin Puree
  • Potent Evening Retinol Serum Concentrate | Nu Age
  • Hydration & DNA Repair Moisturizer | GG Advance

Step 1: Regenerating Cleanser

Regenerating Cleanser nourishes aging and environmentally stressed skin to restore radiance with rich antioxidants and anti-aging vitamin-mineral complex. Massage a small amount of Acai Fusion to damp face and neck in circular motions. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Step 2: Anti-Aging Mist

Herbaceous botanical mist hydrates and balances skin with rich antioxidants and skin-calming agents. After cleansing or masking, spray a generous amount of Pansy – Anti-aging Mist over face and neck. Preps skin for serum application.

Step 3: AM Serum Cocktail (2 serums)

Skin Tip: Apply serum cocktail immediately after anti-aging mist. Applying to damp skin will enhance absorption of potent concentration of actives.

Mix these two advanced serums every morning to renew skin and help repair a damaged skin barrier.     C Pura provides antioxidant protection and photodamage repair with 2 Vitamin C derivatives, Resveratrol, Cherimolia Fruit and Vitamin E. BIO Illumina is a Growth Factor-Peptide-Hyaluronic Acid firming infusion that accelerates skin cell renewal and elasticity. Mix 1 pump of each serum together in palm of your hand then massage onto face and neck.

Step 4: PM Retinol

The most effective nighttime skincare routine includes Nu Age – Retinol Serum. Gently massage a pea-sized amount into skin, allowing it to absorb before moving on to moisturizer. With continued use, it will reduce imperfections, pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles.

Precautions: Nu Age is 0.95% of pure retinol, which is a potent concentration of retinol. Initially, you should apply Nu Age once or twice a week and work your way up, allowing your skin to adjust to its effects. Retinol can initially be drying, especially for sensitive skin types.

First timers: If this is the first time you are using retinol, we highly suggest starting with a lower concentration and gradually working up tolerance. Always consult with your dermatologist before adding retinol into your routine.

*Higher retinol concentrations should be avoided by those with rosacea, eczema or easily irritated skin. Can include peeling, dryness and redness.

Step 5: Resurfacing Mask

Adding a glow treatment of a gentle exfoliation formula of AHAs, BHAs and pumpkin enzymes will decongest pores and boost skin’s radiance and firmness for baby soft skin. Use 1-3 times a week, depending on skin’s needs and tolerance.

**Avoid combining or using on same days as Retinol serum and other exfoliants.

Step 6: Hydration and DNA Repair

GG Advance provides ultimate skin regeneration, repairing DNA oxidative damage and stimulating cell turnover. Plant stem cells release high concentrations of growth factors and antioxidants to help revitalize skin and strengthen and protect skin stem cells. Massage a pea-sized amount over face and neck for hydrated, supple skin.


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