Brightening Facial

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Glowing Skin is the Basis To Any Look.

Achieve clear, radiant skin, with this 6-Step Brightening Facial. Using glow-enhancing technology, its skin-loving ingredients that target blotchiness, dark pigment and scarring while exfoliating dead skin, rebalancing hydration and feeding skin with replenishing nutrients to prevent further photodamage.

Includes our advanced ECO-certified moisturizing emulsion, Radiance Rx, which uses skin strengthening and soothing botanicals to preserve skin vitality and suppleness.

Suitable for all skin types.

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Dark spots, hyperpigmentation, patchiness and sun damage is a common challenge often caused by hormonal fluctuations, skin trauma and intrinsic aging. Skin cells become damaged and the skin produces too much melanin, the dark pigment, which makes some areas to look darker than others. Although generally harmless, dark pigmentation is a nuisance when it comes to achieving your most beautiful, glowing skin. Our Brightening Facial provides brighter and healthier-looking skin by improving texture and sun damage, while accelerating cell growth to restore radiance.

Naturally-lightening ingredients like Licorice, Arbutin, Azelaic Acid, Vitamin C and pro-enzymes naturally lighten and brighten the skin without hydroquinone and harsh chemicals.

Brightening Facial Set Includes:

  • Acai Fusion – AOX Moisturizing Cleanser Crème
  • IttyBitty Facial – Pro Enzyme Exfoliant
  • Rain – Pure Mineral Mist
  • Brilliance + – Illuminating Serum: Licorice Root+Arbutin+Lactic Acid
  • Nectar – Radiance Serum
  • Radiance Rx – HydraCalm Emulsion
  • EI Masking Brush

Brightening Facial Steps

Step 1: Cleanser

Beginning with our Vitamin C-Rich cream cleanser, Acai Fusion, that targets surface debris, oil and impurities and leave skin clean, soft and naturally dewy. Dampen face and neck with lukewarm water. Pour a dime size amount of moisturizing cleanser into wet palm of hand and gently massage cream cleanser in circular motions over skin.  Rinse thoroughly.

Step 2: Skin Exfoliation

Once skin is clean, it is essential to further exfoliate the build up of dead skin cells and debris from the surface. The removal of the dead layer of surface cells also makes it easier for skin absorb other ingredients that follow. IttyBitty Facial contains an innovative Pro-Enzyme polish infused with peptides that accelerates exfoliation without irritation. Apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin, avoiding contact with the eye area. Rinse with lukewarm water after 10 minutes. If stinging or irritation occurs, remove immediately.

Step 3: Prep

Rain is a multi-tasking mineral mist that acts as a skin booster and preps skin for maximum absorption of products that follow. Formulated with a mineral and seaweed complex, this lightweight, refreshing mist infuses skin with instant hydration and nutrients. Generously spritz on face and neck before applying serums.

Step 4: Target

Our Glow-To-Go Cocktail is a combination of Brilliance+ and Nectar, our two brightening serum superstars for double the glow! Combination of clinical infusions and naturally-lightening botanicals gives collagen production a jumpstart, helping to reverse dark pigment and blotchiness. Apply 1-2 pumps of each serum to wet skin, or activate serums with a spritz of Rain, before application.

Step 5: Heal & Hydrate

Deliver anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative plant nutrients to strengthen skin’s barrier, bring skin to balance and protect irritated skin. With clean hands, massage a small amount of Radiance Rx onto face and neck.


Recommended Add-Ons

Eye Treatment

Prior to Step 5, apply your favourite Eye Cream to skin. We recommend EYE Rescue, a potent blend of soothing botanicals and butters that nourish under eye darkness and irritation to restore hydration.

Treatment Mask

If skin is tolerant to this facial, we suggest adding in a Vitamin C-rich mask, following the exfoliation treatment. Marmalade is concentrated with Vitamin C, Lanacityn, Green Tea and Raspberry Seed, to brighten and nourish skin, while promoting cell renewal and protecting from oxidative damage. Apply an even layer of mask to face, letting it sit for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.


*It is recommended to perform a patch test first when using any new product prior to applying to entire face. Refer to the FAQs page for details on performing a patch test.


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