EYE SPY – Eye Serum & Eye Cream Bundle


EYE SPY something that is… wide, bright and awake.

Wake up to younger looking skin. Soothe and hydrate eyes with eye repair bundle. Gentle enough for sensitive skin and free from toxins, fillers and fragrance.

Includes 2 products:  1 full size eye serum and 1 full size eye cream of your choice.

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The EYE SPY – Eye Serum & Eye Cream Bundle includes a bioactive serum hydrogel and your choice of eye cream to improve aging and tired skin under the eye area. Using an eye serum with your eye cream is one of the best solutions to targeting skin concerns associated with the delicate under-eye skin. Remember – this area is extremely delicate so you need products that nourish the area and avoid tugging at skin.

Bundle includes: EYE SEA and your choice of eye cream.

Eye serum vs Eye cream

An eye serum and eye cream are both essentials in your everyday routine.

EYE SEA – Eye serum

This is to be used after cleansing skin.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy absorible
  • Helps reduce puffiness, dark circles
  • Smaller molecular weight to better penetrate skin’s surface
  • Deliver high concentration of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients to area
  • Potent anti-aging ingredients including seaweed, mushroom and green tea
  • Store in the fridge for a cooling effect

Eye Creams

Apply after your serum, preferably in the evening, before your nighttime moisturizer.

  • Thicker consistency than a serum
  • Lock in moisture
  • Hydration
  • Softness to skin
  • Rich in lipids
  • Create an impenetrable barrier
  • Help eye area look airbrushed

Select one eye cream for your bundle:

EYE Refresh – Cucumber Peptide Eye Cream

An incredible blend of collagen-boosting Peptides, deliciously soothing Cucumber, and hydrating Squalene. Spiked with Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) to encourage gentle cell turnover.

EYE Rescue- Intensive Eye Repair Complex

EYE Rescue- Intensive Eye Repair Complex contains an intentional blend of nourishing plant oils, such as Seabuckthorn, Jojoba, Mango, Apricot Sunflower with ultra-rich humectants, such as Marshmallow Murumuru and Shea butter that rejuvenate the most delicate and sensitive skin. There is no Vitamin A in this product.

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