Luffa – Eco Chic Loofah Soap


Refresh Your Body and Soul.

We are bringing more serenity into your bathing & shower rituals. Brimming with skin-healthy nutrients and essential fatty acids, Luffa is a 100% natural shower loofah embedded with organic hemp seed oil, moisturizing olive oil and jasmine flower. Gently removes dead skin cells while replenishing moisture without stripping skin of its natural oils.

Time to come clean!

Let’s be frank: traditional plastic & synthetic loofahs are gross. They are outdated, harmful to our health and oceans, and a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Ew. Luffa is chemical free, zero waste and biodegradable. Non-comedogenic. Hypo-allergenic. Cruelty free.

Cleanse, Moisturize and Exfoliate in one. Unscented.

*Colours may vary (from neutral yellow – brown), due to natural sources.

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Luffa – Eco Chic Loofah Soap is an eco-friendly, non-plastic bathing & shower loofah for an all natural exfoliating experience. Clean, moisturize and exfoliate skin while adding some tres chic vibes to your shower room. A sustainable and biodegradable alternative to the traditional loofahs (which contain micro plastic beads and chemical ingredients). Luffa is sensitive-skin friendly, including those who suffer from body acne and eczema.

Every Luffa has a natural loofah sponge embedded through it.

No fragrance. Paraben, phthalate, microbial and SLS free. No animal by-products. Vegan. Plant-based.

*Colours may vary (from neutral yellow – brown), due to natural sources.

Layer your sensory ritualistic experience with our all-natural bath salts.

Luffa – Eco Chic Loofah Soap


  • Cleansing
  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Gentle skin exfoliation
  • Gently scrub rough patches, such as elbows, knees and feet.
  • Replenishment of essential fatty acids
  • Hydrate and moisturize skin
  • Antimicrobial
  • Nurture skin pre and post waxing
  • Natural, eco-friendly
  • Lower inflammation

For external use only.

*There is no THC in this product.


Luffa - Eco Chic Loofah Soap contains hemp seed oil
Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is high in antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids that hydrate skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It helps moderate the production of oil and won’t clog pores.


loofah plantLoofah

Loofahs (also spelled luffas) is a wondrous and deep green fruit that originates from the loofah plant that resembles an extra-long cucumber. This renewable resource can be replanted multiple times from seed then grown into a mature fruit, which is then dried into a fibrous sponge for consumer use.


How to Use

Lather Luffa – Eco Chic Loofah Soap with warm water.

How to Care for your Luffa

Your Luffa takes care of you so it’s important to take care of your Luffa!

Luffa can harbour germs & dead skin cells if not well-cared for. Because it is important to replace your luffa often, we have made it small enough to be able to use it safely before it’s time to throw away. We do, however, recommend to always rinse well with hot soapy water and remove excess water & residue.

To prolong the life of your loofah soap, keep in a well-drained dish or in a dry area of your bathroom. We also recommend disinfecting it every 1-2 weeks in a mixture of warm water & baking soda.

Additional information

Weight 4.16 oz

One for $14, Two for $22




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