Vitamin C + Antioxidants + Matcha Leaf + Licorice Root + Ceramides

If you want to keep skin looking young and smooth, Orange A’Peel Dry Cleanser can be your best weapon. Physician formulated enzyme peel facial scrub helps shed surface dead skin cells and refine pores. It delivers high concentrations of pure Vitamin C & antioxidants to boost skin luminosity and promote healthy collagen production.

Natural & gentle physical face polish is an invigorating twist on exfoliation. Coarse, mini-granular powder delivers a deep clean for soft, velvety skin in minutes! Enzymes work to diminish fine lines, sun spots, age spots, and scars without damaging or removing live skin cells.

Powder to Paste Innovation. Add water or organic juices to create a mild scrub to gently remove dull skin cells, impurities and makeup. Baby soft skin!

Unlike other polishing scrubs, this is micro-plastic free and 100% organic.

Vegan. Cruelty-Free. USDA Organic Certification.

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  • Gentle exfoliation/enzyme peel
  • Healthy, bright appearance
  • Extracts blackheads and minimizes pores
  • Delivers high potency of Vitamin C & Antioxidants to skin
  • Protect skin from oxidative damage
  • Absorb skin products more effectively
  • Stimulate cell renewal


  • Vitamin C
  • Antioxidants
  • Buckwheat Ceramides
  • Licorice Root Extract
  • Coconut Fruit Powder
  • Matcha Leaf

PERFECT FOR: Normal to Oily skin

Vitamin cVitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerhouse ingredient and benefits are vast, including its ability to protect skin from harmful UV rays, to promote healthy collagen production and to boost skin luminosity.



licorice rootLicorice Root Extract

Licorice Root extract contains powerful antioxidants that moisturizes and protects skin from free radical damage. It is an ideal ingredient for oily skin, as it controls the oil content on the skin. It is a natural ingredient used to lighten dark spots, age spots and skin discolouration.


coconut fruit powder

Coconut Fruit Powder

This plumping ingredient is rich in skin-conditioning fatty acids, Vitamin B and proteins.



matcha leafMatcha Leaf

Vitamin & antioxidant powerhouse! Matcha leaf is much more concentrated in powder form than liquid we drink. It protects skin from free radicals, stimulates microcirculation and protect skin from premature signs of aging.



buckwheat ceramide powderCeramides

Ceramides are naturally found in the skin’s uppermost layers of skin and help retain moisture. They play a vital role in your skin’s appearance and how it reacts to environmental aggressors.

Buckwheat ceramides are highly concentrated in Fatty acids, Vitamin E, Zinc, Magnesium, Niacin & other B vitamins to drastically enhance skin’s elasticity. They promote hydration & plumping of skin for a more youthful appearance.

Certified Organic Ingredients: 100%



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