Retexturizing Facial

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Stay Smooth. 

Improve bumpy, uneven and rough texture with our easy 4-Step Retexturizing Facial, your arsenal for achieving (and maintaining!) smoother, gorgeous skin in just 2-4 treatments.

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Your 4-Step Retexturizing Facial helps to deliver smoother, more even skin in 2-4 treatments, tackling areas of unwanted texture. Speed up cellular turnover and slough away dead skin with clinical ingredients and plant based botanicals that effectively improve uneven skin. Recommended to repeat facial every 6-8 weeks, depending on skin tolerance.

*Uneven skin texture can be difficult to treat, depending on the individual. Facial offers smoother and brighter skin in 2-4 treatments, with 1-2 months of consistent facials to show full results, depending on the complexity. A consistent daily skincare routine of proper cleansing and moisturizing is also very important for texture treatment and maintenance.  

Retexturizing Facial Set Includes:

Retexturizing Facial Steps

Step 1: Cleanser

Sayonara is a gentle cleanser that helps to remove dead skin cell buildup which can accumulate on skin’s surface causing dry patches and a dull complexion. Dampen face and neck with lukewarm water and gently massage in circular motions over skin.  Rinse thoroughly.

Step 2: Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate.

One of the most important steps is removing dead skin buildup that can cause complexion issues like clogged pores and irregular texture. IttyBitty Facial is our new generation of exfoliation, an intense yet non-irritating technology that contains a high grade of papaya enzymes that reveals your most gorgeous skin after just one use. Apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin, avoiding contact with eye area. Leave for 10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with Absolute Rescue to treatment area.

*This is a professional grade product and highly recommended to speak to licensed professional prior to use to make sure this product is right for you. If irritation or stinging occurs, remove immediately. 

Step 3: Repair

Immediately soothe skin with Rescue Absolute, a clinical serum that provides instant relief to redness, inflammation and dryness associated with professional peels. Rich in rare fatty acids, Arnica and hyaluronic acid to provide instant repair and barrier protection.

Step 4: Hydration

Hydrated skin is happy skin, and the key to healthy skin turnover. GG Advance is rich in kombucha, a tea fermentation byproduct that promotes radiant, smooth, even skin. Apply moisturizer to skin, letting it absorb for a few moments before applying sun protection.


Complimenting Products

Uneven skin texture can be achieved by maintaining a consistent, daily skincare routine in support of regular facials. We recommend using these products regularly, which compliment this facial. Do not use these products on the same day as your Retexturizing Facial.


NU AGE contains .95% Retinol and 7.95% Lactic Acid, both powerful ingredients and when properly formulated, they can be used together for optimal retexturing benefits. Lactic acid is works to treat uneven texture and soften skin, as retinol accelerates skin turnover. Recommended use: Evening routine.

*This is strong concentration. We recommend start with a slow and small dosage and build up over many weeks.

C Pura

Advanced, strategic formula of 2 Vitamin C derivatives, Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid and Resveratrol to improve overall texture of skin, as it encourages collagen production and protects from free radical damage. Recommended use: Morning routine


*It is recommended to perform a patch test before using the enzyme mask. Refer to the FAQs page for details on performing a patch test.



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