Sensitive Skin Relief – Skincare Set


For all the sensitive souls out there.

Specially formulated to calm easily reactive skin without sacrificing effectiveness and potency. High performance ingredients revitalize skin for a renewed, brighter complexion.

Fortifies the skin barrier with a superfood blend of gentle, nourishing ingredients to calm and balance out complexion.

Gentle, Clean & Free of Common Allergens

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Your complete skincare set for sensitive skin relief, created specifically just for you and your skin’s needs. Perfect for ultra-sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne and other skin conditions. A great option for post-procedure. Reduces and soothes irritation and redness.

Our carefully curated set includes three full size products to help soothe and repair sensitive skin, taking into account important tips for nourishing sensitive, easily reactive skin.

Sensitive Skin Relief Skincare Set

Cleanse Gently and not too often. Fragrance Free.

  1. Gentle JuJu – Calm Sensitive Skin Cleanser. Fragrance free, super gentle cleanser enriched with emollient-rich sunflower and carrot seed.

Protect & Soothe with a pure treatment that won’t stress skin.

  1. PommeSeed Cooling Mask. Facial wrap instantly soothes and hydrates ultra-sensitive skin. Pomegranate & aloe blend helps strengthen the skin barrier as it nourishes, helping to reduce inflammation and redness.


  1. Soothie – Sensitive Skin Calm Serum. Sensitive skin needs to be saturated with hydration every day. Daily hydrating serum-moisturizer for reactive skin is a blend of ultra-calming botanicals and skin-loving ingredients like aloe, cucumber and green tea.

Want to give skin an extra hydration boost? Try HA Quench, our organic Hyaluronic acid serum.


Sensitive Skin Tip

It is recommended to do a patch test on skin for 3 consecutive days with a new product to ensure there is no reaction.

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