Svelte – Phyto Active Firm Body Cream Concentrate


Firm cream stimulates collagen production to tone and tighten skin. 

Warming, silky concentrate formulated with natural plant cells of Cinnamon bark & Ginger, this stimulating concentrate boosts collagen and stimulates fatty cell breakdown to tone & soften skin.

Enriched with a Botanical Firming Complex, Caffeine & Black Pepper to reduce the appearance of cellulite & stretch marks for improved body contour.

Tip: Applying pre-exercise and post-exercise stimulates & increases efficiency, with GLA-rich evening primrose oil and antioxidants nourish and refine skin texture.

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Svelte – Phyto Active Firm Body Cream Concentrate helps define and moisturize skin. It targets stubborn fat cells, dimpled skin, “orange peel” appearance and cellulite-prone skin.

Studies show using a firm cream or body treatment cream pre-exercise increases its efficacy and prolongs the beneficial effect, keeping muscles warmer and colder for longer periods. Loaded with skin-restoring actives & antioxidants to help renew the appearance of firmness. Rich butters & oils nourish skin, for a hydrated, smoother appearance.

  • Can be used for massage, reducing muscle stiffness and aching joints.
  • Encourages the flush of toxins stored in the body.
  • Promotes oxygen and nutrition to muscles and tissues.

Svelte – Phyto Active Firm Body Cream Concentrate

Active Firming Body Cream has caffeine and Firming Botanical ComplexTexture: Warming, silky, melting texture

Key Ingredients:

  • Caffeine
    • Caffeine stimulates blood flow to promote oxygen and nutrients to cells and collagen production
  • Black Pepper extract
    • antioxidant rich, fight free radicals that cause sagging, damaged skin, improve skin’s appearance
  • Ginger Root
    • Antiaging, fights cellulite, firming effect
  • Green Tea
    • Rich in B2, tightening and firming effects
  • Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylenediamine (Firming ingredient – rating 1 EWG)
  • Cinnamon Bark
    • antioxidant, high in catechinic tannins, stimulating, tightening and reviving benefits
  • Shea
    • boost collagen, anti-aging nourishment
  • Avocado oil
    • high in Vitamin E, stimulate collagen production
  • Evening Primrose oil
    • Improve skin texture and elasticity

Contains beeswax


For best results, firm cream must be used consistently and regularly. Skin will improve over time and will also prevent further sagging. Firm creams are not able provide instant miracle results or able to rearrange the tissues in the deep layers of skin.

Building more collagen and increasing elasticity is key to improving smoother, tightened skin for a firmer look. Using actives, antioxidants and butters help plump up skin cells and encourage collagen production.

How to Use

Massage the active firming body cream firming and thoroughly into cellulite-prone areas, stroking upward vigorously.

*It is recommended to use caution, especially if very sensitive skin, as the product has a warming effect.


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