Zen Bundle – Spa Rituals Experience


Zen out with a moment of well-being.

Calm your body, mind and soul with this all-natural, aromatherapeutic soaking experience in the comfort of your own home. Includes your choice of Bath Salts, choice of Facial Mask, paired with our 24K Gold Body Oil. (only one variation shown).

Improve body’s natural detoxification process and skin health, while promoting healing and balancing alkalinity.

*Option of adding a body scrub and lip scrub to bundle.

Earn up to 1,990 Points.


Do you need to relax and unwind?

End your busy day with a warm body soak, antiaging facial mask and rich gold body oil lather with our Zen Bundle, a bundle of mindfulness, for some well-deserved downtime that includes 3 essentials for a true pampering experience at home.

How to take the best bath ever? With our Zen Bundle, of course!

1. Relax

Pour a generous handful of destressing bath salts to your bath and relax. Light a candle, grab a book, play the music or pour the wine! Our natural salts pull toxins and heavy metals from your body and they also leave skin clean and silky smooth.

  • Choose one of our aromatherapeutic bath salts:
    • Muscle + Mind – A woody and soft scent of 10 essential oils that support breathing and encourage mind focus.
      • Great for: Soothe muscle soreness, post-workout recovery, draw out impurities, aromatherapy, improve circulation, inflammation, arthritis relief
    • Summer Flush – Pure blend of Pink Himalayan + Epsom salts, with a warm, vacation scent of vanilla, lime and mint, to support relaxation, soften skin + escape anything.
      • Great for: feeling calm and refreshed, restoration, respiratory, skin hydration, calmness, reduce fatigue

2. Glow

Apply a generous amount of our natural, antiaging masks to face and neck, sit back and relax. Whether your skin needs hydration, restored balance or exfoliation of dead skin cells, we have got you covered.

  • Choose a hydrating mask or resurfacing mask

 **The steam from a warm bath can make skin more permeable, which means it can increase how the mask penetrates into skin and your pores.**

 3. Pamper

Pamper, treat and nourish skin with our 24 gold infused luxurious body oil. This gentle, skin-loving oil delivers rich hydration and nourishment. Step out of the bath and apply a small amount to skin, focusing on rough patches on elbows and knees. Skin is glowing!

Gold Mojito – 24K Body Oil

lip scrub

Truly customizable. Save more money.

Add a body polish or lip scrub for the ultimate pampering experience.





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Beauty Bundles

Choice of Bath Salts

Summer Flush, Muscle + Mind

Choice of Mask

Tango Mango, Skinny Dip, Marmalade, Sugarette, Ochre Earth, Sassy Banana, Cherry Wiild, Pumpkin Puree

Add on - Lip Scrub

No lip scrub, Cherry Chai, BLU Raspberry, Peachy Keen

Add on - Body Scrub

No Body Scrub, Jamocha, Tuscan Honey


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