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Optimize Your Skincare

At ELLA i SKiN, we strongly believe that we require a combination of products to optimize skincare benefits. It’s amazing to hear how more people are becoming more savvy with their skincare routines and layering skincare products.
Dry Cleansers

A waterless Facial Cleanser. Well, this is cool! Dry cleansers are game changing and have opened a whole new world of exfoliation.

WTF is a dry cleanser anyway? How does a dry cleanser differ from a regular cleanser?

A dry cleanser is, well, cleansing your face dry. Take a small amount of the dry cleanser and gently massage your face, using circular motions. Next, you can add water to create an exfoliation “paste.” This will remove excess dirt and oil and accelerate the removal of dead skin cells and pollutants from pores and surface of the skin.

Note: upward circular motions can promote lymphatic drainage.

ORANGE A’PEEL & KELP MY SKIN are dry cleansers that are 100% organic and gentle enough for all skin types. 


Serums are important because they target specific skin care concerns and signs of aging. Serums are packed with nutrients and moisturizing elements that penetrate to the second, deeper level of the skin, the dermis. Serum concentrations that contain potent bioactive ingredients can improve skin tone and protect from aging. They are generally lightweight and concentrated so work the best under moisturizer.

Natural active serums are an imperative part of daily skincare. By using serums, you can intensify the efficiency of your skincare regimen. Serums should be applied twice a day for optimal results but applying once should cover your basis.

EXPERIMENT. Having the time to do it all is difficult with a busy schedule. Try using a few serums in the morning and a few different ones in the evening – after cleansing your face. It also depends on the state of your skin and your environment. In the winter, skin tends to get more dry so more serum applications and moisturizing at night may be needed.

ELLA i SKiN serums are potent so you only need a very small amount. A bottle can last a very long time! YOU know your skin best. If you find your skin is really benefiting by using a particular serum more than once a day, continue using in both morning and night.

Antioxidant Serums

Antioxidant serums are highly concentrated products that deliver powerful, active ingredients into deep layers of the skin to repair damage, discolouration, fine lines & wrinkles.

Did you know that a quality antioxidant serum can boost your SPF?  SPF is a must when it comes to antiaging but isn’t enough to completely protect skin from sun damage. New research is showing that infrared radiation can possibly be more damaging on skin tissue than UV rays. Experts suggest applying an organic antioxidant before applying SPF for the best defence against photo-aging effects of the sun.

Antioxidants are known as “free radical scavengers” and nature’s weapon against aging. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals to slow the appearance of aging and reduce the likelihood of skin cancer.

As a rule of thumb, antioxidant serums should be applied in the morning to give skin additional protection from UV rays and other environmental aggressors that cause skin damage.

Best antioxidants for skin:

  • Vitamin C
  • Astaxanthin
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Resveratrol
  • Polyphenols (Green Tea, Chocolate, Fruits)
  • Flavanoids
  • Niacinamide
Which serum should I use?

Different serums have different benefits. We can’t just pick one. We love them all SO much!

Sensitive skin? Acne? Rosacea? Damage? Sea Buckthorn oil does wonders for skin and is ESSENTIAL if you want to add some “oomph” up your skincare routine. Daily Fix.

Skin feels dull? Brighten and regenerate with antioxidants and a gentle form of vitamin A! A-Elixir!

Skin needs firming? Boost collagen with peptides! Miracle Plumper.

Want to improve your skin tone? Get your Mad Glow on with our vitamin C serum.

Lacking hydration? Reach for the hyaluronic acid for instant hydration. H.A. Quench all the way! 

Still unsure? Take our quick, fun quiz to see which serum is right for you!

Can I layer serums?

Absolutely! Depending on your skin’s needs, you can mix and match. 

As a rule of thumb, layer serums from lightest to heaviest consistency. 

Vitamin C serum should be first, followed by others (hyaluronic acid, peptides, other antioxidants, etc). Vitamin C is a highly water soluble molecule so you want your skin to be clear of products to ensure it penetrates deeply while the product is active.

Pro Tip: Make sure when applying serum to face, to take the product down your neck, chest and hands. You want your face to be healthy and youthful for years to come but don’t forget other spots too!



Moisturizers amplify your skin’s, well, moisture! Moisturizers sit on the outer level of your skin, the epidermis. The epidermis consists of the cells that protect from exposure to environmental hazards, such as weather conditions, ultra-violet rays, and pollution, all which cause premature aging.

Moisturizer day vs night

Day moisturizers protect skin from environmental aggressors. You might prefer to wear a moisturizer with a lighter consistency during the day so it can be worn under cosmetic products. No one wants to look like a layered, greasy mess! Do NOT forget to put on sunscreen after your moisturizer.

Night time, while we sleep, is when our skin regenerates and works on repairing itself. You might prefer to wear a moisturizer that is more emollient with higher concentrations of anti-aging ingredients – especially Vitamin C. Richer cream tends to take longer to absorb, which is what we want at night.

Eye Cream
The skin around your eyes is very delicate and one of the first areas to show premature aging. It is important to find an eye cream that adds moisture and is formulated for the delicate areas around the eyes. The perfect eye cream can’t be too runny or take too long to absorb. It should be rich with nutrients yet isn’t so thick that it will mess up makeup application. EYE LOVE IT is a consistency right in the middle! It is recommended that you use eye cream every day! You can also wear it at night as part of your evening routine.
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