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Skin Concern


Skincare for Everyone

Shop for skincare products by skin concern at EI SKIN. Find skincare products for acne, dry skin, as well as for mature skin.


Sweet Litchi

Acne Moisture Serum

Lightweight, water-based hydrating serum is true perfection for acne-prone skin. Healthy hydration and sebum level to maintain balanced, clear skin.

Natural Foaming Sugars

Decongest + Purify Pores

Fight off blackheads, blemishes and excess oil with our green tea + grapefruit-bergamot cleanser blend.

Encapsulated Retinol + Potent Lactic Acid

Exfoliating Serum

Leading-edge acne fighting serum formulated with high concentration of lactic acid and retinol to significantly reduce breakouts and fine lines. Spiked with salicylic acid, for overall exfoliation and improved texture.

Need a more gentle option? IGLOW

Stem Cell Blend

Ayurvedic Juices

Formulated with all-natural ingredients that help reduce non-inflamed acne.

Absorb oil + Control Shine

Deep Cleaning Clay Mask

Helps rid skin of excess sebum and remove impurities from skin to help reduce the risk of acne breakouts.

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Sensitive Skin


Cooling Recovery

Very sensitive skin, rosacea and post-treatment skin will reap the benefits of this Antioxidant – Vita-Zinc blend.

Best Seller

Topical Multi-Vitamin for Skin

Highly concentrated, pure sea buckthorn infusion protects skin’s integrity and promotes regeneration.

No Fragrance

Gentle JuJu

Creamy, Vitamin E cleanser facial nourishes skin, and removes impurities without disturbing skin’s natural pH.

Post Procedure

Calming + Hydrating Cream

Lightweight botanical soothing serum without that icky stuff: fragrance, dyes or alcohols. 

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Dry + Dehydrated Skin


Organic Riches

This dewy, rich moisturizer sends winter skin packing! A patented blend of maple leaf extracts that target elastin breakdown in the skin.

More to love. Beauty Sleep, also a favourite for those with overly dry skin.

Low molecular Hyaluronic Acid

Plumping Hydration

One-stop-shop Hydration. A stable Hyaluronic + Antioxidant Serum that combats dryness, plumps skin and reduces wrinkles.

Great option for oily types who experience dry patches.

Dripping with Hydration

Water Balance Mask

Give skin a quenching boost with our professional formulation of natural botanicals, antioxidants and low-molecular humectants to restore mature skin’s youthful radiance.

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Pigment + Age Spots

hydroquinone-free, discolouration-targeting ingredients

Skin Brilliance

This concentrated serum is formulated with highly effective natural skin lighteners such as arbutin, licorice root, lactic acid and a 9.95% Phyto-Saccharum Officinarum Botanical blend.


AHA + BHA Exfoliant

This highly effective cherry mask is the perfect revitalizing treatment for sun damaged and pigmented skin.

Natural Bilberry + AHA Blend

Neutralize Free Radical Damage

Healthy dose of antioxidants + AHAs support healthy collagen production and fade discolouration.

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Dull Skin

Brigthen Complexion

Anti-aging Vitamin C Mask

Citrus gel treatment is packed with two types of Vitamin C to improve skin texture and boost radiance. 

Glowing + Fresh Faced

Lactic Acid Enzymes

Gently stimulates the removal of dead skin build-up, evens skin and improves visible firmness.

95%-100% Naturally derived

Get the Mad Glow

Purest, high potency Vitamin C Serum formulated to bring vitality back to environmentally-stressed skin.

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Advanced Aging

Visibly reduce advanced signs of aging

Highly Concentrated Encapsulated Retinol

With continued use, significantly improves the look of fine lines, wrinkles and discolouration without irritation.

Stem Cell + Probiotic Complex

Cutting-Edge Technology

Skin-loving nutrients that help smooth skin texture, boost collagen synthesis and maintain healthy skin barrier. 

Applelicious facial toner
Top Selling Trio

Advanced Skin Repair

Everything you need to revitalize, brighten and repair skin. Includes Vitamin C Serum, Brightening Serum and Advanced Aging Serum.

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Firm, Lift + Smooth

Peptide + Retinol

Firming Eye Repair

Formulated with a powerful, cooling peptide complex to reduce the look of puffiness and fine lines, while helping broken capillaries around the delicate eye area.

Ultra Lift

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our DMAE formulation focuses on firming and tightening skin, paired with antioxidants which enhance the effectiveness. 

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