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Summer skincare essentials

Summer Skincare Routine Essentials: CEO Michelle’s Picks

With temperatures beginning to soar (erm, finally), our summer mood begins to emerge. Salty air, driving with the windows down and days around the pool. Unfortunately, however, our summer skin can also make an appearance, which could mean more oil production, breakouts, eczema flare-ups and congested, sweaty greasiness. Don’t worry, EI SKIN CEO, Michelle offers her top summer skincare tips for glowy, healthy skin: here is her complete guide to a glow-inducing summer skincare routine full of the essentials for hydrated, youthful skin.

Humidity, hot sun and chlorinated pools can affect skin and its protective barrier. It can also increase the amount of oil and grime buildup on skin. Warmer weather doesn’t mean an entire routine overhaul. Your perfect skincare routine should work for you during every season but a few tweaks here and there can make all the difference during the warmer months.

Summer Skincare Routine Essentials:  Summer Must – Haves

Non-stripping yet Hardworking Cleanser

Using a cleanser that delivers a deep cleanse and removes sweaty gunk and makeup off without overdrying skin is the cornerstone of this skincare routine. Sayonara is the first step, effectively removing dirt and grime from skin without stripping skin of its natural oils. This multi-functional, photoprotective cleanser is good for all skin tySayonara Acne Cleanserpes, especially for those prone to blemishes and congestion during the humid months. Skin is left clean, hydrated and refreshed.

Refreshing Toner Essence

Get your daily dose of fresh, energizing hydration with a nourishing facial toner essence, Kranilicious, steeped with delicious cranberries and sweet almond oil. Rich in emollient ingredients so skin is left soft, supple and radiant for the day. Also perfect for spritzing face throughout the day for a quick refresh sesh.

Essential Vitamin in your Serum

You don’t want to be layering tons of skincare products on skin during hot, humid months. Yuck. However, there are some must-have ingredients that shouldn’t be skipped, especially during the summer. One is using an antioxidant serum, such as vitamin C, for both hydrating and protecting skin from UVA and UVB rays and pollution. Sun damage can cause long-term photoaging, wrinkles and irregular pigmentation. Applying C Pura every morning before heading out will help protect skin while also accelerating collagen production and skin repair.

Give Skin some extra Sass…

Skin tends to be more prone to breakouts, clogged pores and dead skin buildup during the summer heat. Using professional facial treatments are great to use in the summertime to eradicate skin impurities and keep skin looking fresh and vibrant. Enzyme masks, like Sassy Banana, give skin that instant summer-ready glow, while working to dissolve dead skin cells for a gentle exfoliation with zero downtime.

Have a hot date at the beach coming up? This banana fruit-pineapple enzyme mask speeds up skin turnover to reveal a supple, glowing complexion, help minimize breakouts and fade spots and scarring.

Best served chilled. Pop in the freezer a few hours before using for a cool, facial treat. Use 1-2 times a week, depending on skin type and tolerance.

Retinol without the Irritation

It’s no skincare secret that retinol is the ultimate antiaging superhero ingredient. It reduces wrinkles, dark spots and inflammation as it improves thickness of elasticity and collagen production.

If you’ve been admiring retinol from afar, now is the time to take the plunge. In the warmer months, there is less likelihood that skin will become flaky and dry. Still want to play it safe? Nu Age is an encapsulated retinol serum, making it not only perfect for summertime but year-round. The encapsulation serves to penetrate more deeply into skin and improve the stability, while preventing irritation. It speeds up skin cell turnover which improves skin tone and texture, boosts radiance, without having to worry about peeling skin for that pool event.

Use 2-5 times a week depending on skin tolerance during your evening routine.

Eyes are the window to the soul

The delicate skin around the eyes is one of the first places to show sun damage. Fine lines, crepiness, thinning and stress. You want your eyes to look and feel their best, especially for beachy days. EYE Refresh is an optimal brightening and de-puffing experience for the eyes. Cooling cucumber and hydrating squalene soothe under-eye skin to give skin well-rested vibes. Spiked with Retinyl Palmitate and antiaging peptides to boost collagen production and smooth the appearance of wrinkles.

Lighten up your moisturizer

Please don’t skip your moisturizer, even though you might want to. When it comes to hydration, lightweight and airy consistency is best. You want skin to be able to breath and not feel greasy. Drench Moisturizer is packed with skin conditioning botanicals that moisturize and protect skin without the heaviness. Jam-packed with antiaging and skin replenishing ingredients that keep skin vibrant and firm all summer long.

Your perfect SPF

Don’t forget your sun protection – the most important step! Did you know that UV exposure is responsible for 80% of visible facial aging!?  Yikes. Please… just wear it. (1)



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